Residential Organizing Services
A Professional Organizer is a consultant who provides solutions and systems to increase efficiency in your home and reduce stress.

In today's fast paced world it is not uncommon that we accumulate numerous possessions and have large volumes of paper and become overloaded with more to organize in every aspect of our lives than ever before.  At times it can make life seem overwhelming and out of control. It often requires an objective, skilled professional to create and help maintain order in our over-abundant lives.

Organization is no longer an luxury, it is a basic necessity in every home and work environment.

Can help you:
*Be more productive
*Reduce stress
*Save time and money
*Create systems to help maintain order
*Support and empower clients by providing hands on organizing skills
*Gain control and freedom over your belongings
*Inspire a peaceful home environment
*Provide a better quality of life

GET MAUR ORGANIZED will create a plan that works for each client based on the level of participation, time and budget. We can organize the whole house or work in selected areas to create efficient and inspiring spaces.

All living space in your home :
*Closets/Laundry rooms
*Home office/filing systems

Working with a Professional Organizer as you prepare to move can keep you from being overwhelmed and reduce stress during the process. GET MAUR ORGANIZED 
can help with many, if not all aspects of your move to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.

*Evaluate Belongings
*Create a plan for your new home
*Entire home unpack & put away
*Set up organized systems,easy to maintain
*Reduce Stress through the whole process